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Rethinking how you shoot, reshaping how you react, readjusting how you move your body to adapt to the environmental challenges. That’s what you will get training with Bravo Zero Six.

Our firearms academy will challenge how you normally shoot. The choices you have to make are based on the worst possible scenario that you could ever face: “life or death”. Training in a static bay from a stationary position is great for learning fundamentals, but it doesn’t teach you to adapt to the everyday environmental challenges one hopes you never have to face. 

At BZ6 we work hard and focus on the dynamics of moving and pistol / rifle manipulation. Understanding how to make the firearm an extension of the body and shooting effectively in adverse angles and positions will better prepare you in those challenging life or death situations.

We will build on your fundamental principles and teach you techniques that will bring you out of your comfort zone. With high live-fire repetitions, detailed instruction and explanations of why certain techniques make sense, we produce a more dynamic and adaptive shooter who is able to overcome those environmental challenges.

Our Motto

Train your mind, embrace the difficulties , uncover the confidence

Firearms Training and Courses

  • Rifle Courses
  • Pistol Courses
  • Concealed Carry Courses
  • Shoot House
  • Advanced Courses

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We Also Offer Private Firearms Training Courses. Why Does This Matter?

Private firearms training offers an experience that is tailored to your previous firearms knowledge and helps you to sharpen your skills. Additionally, we understand that the class experience is not for everyone. If this sounds like you, take a look at our private instructions page here.

Firearms Training: Security Officer Courses

Also available at our firearms academy are our security officer courses.

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In addition to our firearms training and security courses, we also have security services, offering high-level security at both large and small events. Click here to learn more.

A few kind words from some of our students

"I've taken several courses with Bravo Zero Six from handgun operator, rifle operator, and advanced tactical and the instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and provide quality instruction on a variety of areas. I have full confidence in their ensuring the safety of the students, and I really do have an amazing experience at each and every one of their classes. I try to take as many of their courses as I can and I always look forward to the next session. Their course offerings continue to expand and they are responsive to student feedback. The customer service is top-notch, the instruction is top quality, and the courses are a really damn good time. I highly recommend."

Daniel C. Retuning Student

"Their training programs are excellent. The instructors are experienced former military and law enforcement personnel. They teach you what you need to know to be a safe, proficient shooter through theory and practice. They have classes for both the new and experienced shooters. Most importantly, they give you a sense of confidence in your abilities. Would highly recommend their classes to anyone."

John S. Retuning Student

"I signed up for the Foundation Carbine course. I showed up early to get some help to zero in my optic. Zak, our instructor helped me to get started. He was supportive and attentive for every question and concern I had. In all I highly recommend the training course provided by Vienna Arsenal. Thanks again for the information Zak!"

Elmer V. New Shooter

"Zak earned my immediate respect and confidence with his clear explanations and his demonstrated, qualifying personal experiences in the use and nomenclature of firearms. Safety was number one at all times, and was part of every step of instruction... Instruction was clear, informative, accurate, confidence-building and always presented with safety at the forefront. I have a whole new respect for the power, safe operation and responsibility of gun ownership, including a keen understanding of every part and purpose of my handgun. Well done and thanks again Zach!"

Greg N. Experienced Shooter, New Student

(In regards to Everyday Defensive Strategies) "Great class, learned a lot! The staff was very welcoming and professional. Not only are they knowledgable but they can teach too. I loved how the instructors were able to scale things up or down based on the individual student. In my opinion the training provided is a must have for anyone carrying concealed.”

Steve Y. Experienced Shooter, New Student

"The training was top notch. You guys were down to earth and taught to the audience. No big egos."

Seth V. Military / New Student

"My two sons and I enjoyed the Foundation Handgun training this past Sunday and thought that it was a fun and informative afternoon. The instruction both in the classroom and at the range was excellent. As a new handgun owner, I learned a lot and came away feeling much more comfortable handling my G19 safely. We all agreed that the program was interesting and informative and the pacing of the instruction was spot on. The instruction never got repetitive nor did you go too fast. I was pleasantly surprised that (there were 3) instructors, whom were excellent, and that there was one-on-one engagement and ample opportunity for questions and clarifications. We were all pleased to have the range to ourselves and, as you might expect, the time that we spent there was the highlight of the day...I appreciated having a chance to get comfortable with loading, holding and firing the gun and then build up to repetitive firing. By the end of the program, my sons were already talking about coming back to the range this weekend. One final note: The day before the BZ6 program, I attended the Virginia mandatory concealed carry course provided by another training provider. The program was not nearly as informative or interesting."

Greg G. New Student

"My wife and I really enjoyed it. We are looking at our home in a new way, and we are developing a plan to help us protect ourselves if needed. It was good for both of us to take the class together. We learned how to work as a team in the situations presented and I think we will be better prepared to protect each other should the need arise." (Shoot House / Active Shooter)

Jack L. New Student

"I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative and I received a lot of value. Furthermore, (the instructors) welcomed any questions and created an environment where students felt comfortable asking. It was great that the instructors all had diverse backgrounds (military, police, and commercial). The team did a great job explaining things."

Mike C. New Student

"Awesome class with an amazing instructor. Marshall made everything seem so simple and easy, one hour class made big difference on posture and handling. They even offered to bring different firearms to try out. Very responsive with communication and easy to book online. Definitely coming back for more classes."

Ahmed A. New Student

"These guys are truly skilled, talented instructors. I am a novice, and I appreciate that they are totally willing to work with me at my level. I have taken a couple of classes from them and have always left with increased knowledge and confident new skills. If you are a beginner like me, you will find the training you are looking for here."

Tayna H. New Student

"As a new female gun owner with friends or family who neither have gun training nor a desire to learn, BZ6 is a godsend. The best compliment I can give these guys is to keep coming back to take their classes. I have taken 9 classes so far. Once you become a returning student, you receive a discount code for future classes. They give up every weekend to train us, which I appreciate since I work non-traditional work hours during the week. The classes are a minimum of 3 hours long and they're jam packed with information and practice. Nick, Zak, and Marshall are funny and entertaining, so it's a great way to spend a weekend while learning something useful on a topic that's kind of scary. The shock of shooting a pistol goes away when I'm in class with 5 other people shooting their own respective targets at the same time, over and over again. While practicing at the range is necessary, BZ6 movement courses make you practice shooting while moving. Everyday Defense is an excellent intro to close quarters combat - something that's honestly, even scarier to consider than shooting a pistol. Classes are small, so you get a lot of attention. They allow you to rent a pistol/rifle, ear protection, and holster. I would have never considered buying a rifle until I took their Foundation Rifle and Tips and Tricks Class and rented Nick's rifle. The drills we do in class have given me the confidence to go to the range by myself to practice on my own. Zak is wonderful at responding to all my email questions about equipment and training schedules. I hope to see you at the next class!"

Elizabeth S. Return Student

"Highly recommend training with the instructors here. Seriously. Zak, Marshall, and Nick are the instructors at BZ6, and they are just absolutely well-rounded and amazing individuals, with extensive military and police background combined to offer the best learning experience for both new and experienced firearm trainees. They exercise safety precautions very well, so I've always felt safe on-site. They are also patient, and are always eager to answer any questions you have. I've always had a fun time at every course I've taken so far. I'm not an owner of firearms, but I've found the foundation-level courses helped me understand the fundamentals of handling rifles and pistols safely, as well as learning how to deal with malfunctions for both. If you're wondering whether you'll get your money's worth of training with BZ6, you definitely will. I've always learned and got something out of every course I've taken, and I'm sure you will as well. Overall, the instructors are just awesome and fun people to learn from!"

Kelvin N. Return Student

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    Why Choose our Firearms Academy?

    If you’re looking to hone your skills in the field of security and/or firearms, don’t hesitate to get started with Bravo Zero Six. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to the safety and understanding of firearms for all, regardless of your previous experience. Rest assured that the firearms training you will receive will be both comprehensive and thorough, giving you the peace of mind needed to safely handle a firearm.

    If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (703) 287-0091 or click here to email us with an inquiry.

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    Our Firearms Programs

    Detailed and Skill Based Courses and Security Operations Services

    Our security operations training department (SOTD) and firearms academy has a range of services and courses to cater for your individual, group of organizations needs. From armed to unarmed security, foundation courses, through to tactical, multi day tactical, team tactics, as well as close quarter combat/shoot house, active shooter and trauma training.