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A few kind words from some of our students

"I've taken several courses with Bravo Zero Six from handgun operator, rifle operator, and advanced tactical and the instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and provide quality instruction on a variety of areas. I have full confidence in their ensuring the safety of the students, and I really do have an amazing experience at each and every one of their classes. I try to take as many of their courses as I can and I always look forward to the next session. Their course offerings continue to expand and they are responsive to student feedback. The customer service is top-notch, the instruction is top quality, and the courses are a really damn good time. I highly recommend."

Daniel C. Retuning Student

"Their training programs are excellent. The instructors are experienced former military and law enforcement personnel. They teach you what you need to know to be a safe, proficient shooter through theory and practice. They have classes for both the new and experienced shooters. Most importantly, they give you a sense of confidence in your abilities. Would highly recommend their classes to anyone."

John S. Retuning Student

"I signed up for the Foundation Carbine course. I showed up early to get some help to zero in my optic. Zak, our instructor helped me to get started. He was supportive and attentive for every question and concern I had. In all I highly recommend the training course provided by Vienna Arsenal. Thanks again for the information Zak!"

Elmer V. New Shooter

"Zak earned my immediate respect and confidence with his clear explanations and his demonstrated, qualifying personal experiences in the use and nomenclature of firearms. Safety was number one at all times, and was part of every step of instruction... Instruction was clear, informative, accurate, confidence-building and always presented with safety at the forefront. I have a whole new respect for the power, safe operation and responsibility of gun ownership, including a keen understanding of every part and purpose of my handgun. Well done and thanks again Zach!"

Greg N. Experienced Shooter, New Student

(In regards to Judgmental Pistol Shooting) "Great class, learned a lot! The staff was very welcoming and professional. Not only are they knowledgable but they can teach too. I loved how the instructors were able to scale things up or down based on the individual student. In my opinion the training provided is a must have for anyone carrying concealed.”

Steve Y. Experienced Shooter, New Student

    All our live firearms courses, including our armed security courses are held at our private outdoor range at 340 Defense in WV.

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    Our Firearms Programs

    Detailed and Skill Based Courses and Security Operations Services

    Our security operations training department (SOTD) and firearms academy has a range of services and courses to cater for your individual, group of organizations needs. From armed to unarmed security, foundation courses, through to tactical, multi day tactical, team tactics, as well as close quarter combat/shoot house, active shooter and trauma training.